I am Luc Small. I’m an electronics enthusiast, maker and programmer based in Canberra, Australia.

Most recently, I collaborated with my good friend Jared Berghold to form the Deuxmonts Collective to produce the artwork Always Coming, Always Going for Vivid Sydney 2017. Consisting of 20,000 individually addressable LEDs, 108 custom PCBs (each featuring a microcontroller flashed with custom Arduino firmware), complex power distribution requirements, and multiple RS-485 buses, this project allowed my passion for electronics to achieve scale. Check out the video below to see the artwork running Jared’s incredible visuals. And visit to learn more.

I am drawn to lighting and display technologies of all kinds and have built many nixie clocks over the years, gradually refining my circuit design skills, producing more elegant PCB layouts, improving my firmware, and designing laser cut enclosures to house them. I also love the glow of neons, dekatrons, vacuum fluorescent displays (VFDs), and numitrons. I like experimenting with Geiger Counters, sensors, GPS receivers, WiFi modules, home automation using MQTT, software defined radio, and single board computers.

If you would like to get in touch, feel free to email me at luc dot small at gmail dot com. Or find me on twitter @lucsmallau.

Thanks for visiting.